OOH BABY BABY! We've got the lowdown on Baby Swimwear for you!

Here at Go Bananas we've developed a lot of expertise about swimwear fitting, styles and design for all age groups over the years. Choosing the most appropriate swimwear for baby can be particularly challenging, so we thought you might like a few tips and pointers to get you started!

(NB. We're using the term "baby" in this post to cover the child of size 00 to 2 years, as this is the age range category we use in store and online)

  • Think about what type of use you're predominantly looking for. It may be for baby's first water familiarization in the wading pool, more formal 'Aqua-bub' type swimming lessons at a public pool, or perhaps you're going on a beach holiday for the first time. Your selection should reflect your intended usage. For example, a beach holiday will involve a lot of time on the sand as well as in the water, so some form of sun protection is essential. Choosing items with 50+ UPF (sun protection), a long sleeved sun top or onesie & a Lycra swim hat will help ensure your little one is safely protected from the harsh sunlight. On the other hand if bub is starting some form of swimming class at an indoor pool your priority may be a well fitted one piece or short sleeved top teamed with a swim nappy, so you can ensure comfort ...and no unfortunate accidents!  Another handy hint in this situation is checking items for quality of fabric - is the lycra Ultra Life or chlorine resistant? This will ensure the fit and durability of baby's swimmers with regular exposure to pool water. A high quality fabric such as AQUA BLU's lycra, can also help keep baby more comfortable and warmer in the water longer, with a great level of moisture-wicking and drying time.
  • The issue of sizing can be tricky when choosing baby swimwear. With clothing selection we often size up, as babies grow quickly and it seems more sensible (and cost effective) to do so. However, with swimwear, choosing the correct fit is more important. Swimwear that fits properly will stay fitted to the body in the water, meaning better sun protection and increased durability of the fabric. A swimsuit that is too big can be stretched by the weight of the water and loose it's effectiveness more quickly. Always check out the measurements on our size charts online and labels on items, as actual measurements can be much more useful than sizing ranges when it comes to sizing swimwear.
  • A quick word about aqua nappies. These are an incredibly useful and practical item in bub's swimwear wardrobe, and in fact essential in public swimming pool settings. There are of course plenty of disposable options available, but, as with regular nappies, a fabric choice will ultimately provide a cost effective and environmentally friendly option over many wears. There are a range of styles and fabrications available, and you can choose a basic plain colour to mix and match with everything or go a colourful pattern to really stand out from the crowd!  At Go Bananas we also stock BEBE swimwear items with built in swim nappies such as one pieces, swim shorts and boardies. These can make things a lot quicker and easier before and after a swim,giving you more time to relax and enjoy!

    We hope these thoughts will help when looking at choosing baby swimwear and don't forget to contact us if you have further queries. We're so excited to be receiving our fantastic new season's swimwear ranges over the next two or three months and are looking forward to sharing all the new arrivals with you. Dont forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest for all the latest. HAPPY SWIMMING!!




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