At Go Bananas we have had nearly 35 years experience in assisting customers with their swimwear purchases, whether it's selecting the most appropriate style, fitting the garment correctly or advising about quality. One of the most common issues that comes up in our store is how to get the best wear out of swimwear. There's nothing more frustrating than buying your child a swimwear item and finding it doesn't last the season. You may have had this sort of experience in the past and now have justified concerns about your next swimwear purchase. Here's where we can put all that experience to good use!

Here are a few handy hints that we feel may help make your next swimwear purchase easier and more successful


  • When choosing your child's swimwear consider the type of use required. Is it mostly for the beach while you're on holiday or will it be required for swimming lessons when you are home? Or a combination of both? Is sun protection on the beach your number one priority or are you looking for comfort and durability for water sports? Being clear on your requirements for the swimwear before your purchase will ensure you select correctly from the vast array of choices.
  • Remember to check the labels or the information online for levels of UV protection and fabric composition. This type of information is always included on our website. This will of course help you choose correctly according to the type of use you require, for example, a child doing squad swimming several times a week would be best off with chlorine resistant or ultra resist swimwear which holds it’s shape and quality for much longer when continuously exposed to chlorine. If you are requiring excellent sun protection, check that the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) is provided. It should be at least a 50+ rating or greater to ensure the highest percentage of sun rays possible are blocked when wearing.
  • Selecting the right size is so important. We can’t emphasise this enough! After so many years experience in fitting swimwear we have found there are some key things to remember that should mean you get the most out of your purchase-
  1. Although when choosing children’s clothing we would all tend to go to the next size up so we get growing room, we’ve found the opposite to be true with swimwear! It’s counterintuitive, but the rule of thumb is to choose a firm, fitted sizing. For instance,if you choose a suntop/rashie that is one size too big, you will find that when your child wears it in the water, it will ride up and not cover them properly. The weight of the water will also stretch out the fabric, damaging it and causing it to perish very quickly.
  2. If shopping in store, try the swimwear on your child. Try a number of different shapes and styles. This will help you with specific issues such as your child’s individual measurements and comparing each label’s cut and design to find the one that suits them best.
  3. If shopping online, use the detailed measurement guides and descriptions provided to narrow down your choices. We at Go Bananas are also more than happy to advise in more detail on the phone or via email to assist you further in making your choice. Some specific knowledge such as if a label runs small or large can sometimes be the clincher in your decision.
  • Although we're all busy with family commitments and responsibilities, it's so worth finding the time to properly care for swimwear if you can. Whatever fabric or style you’ve ultimately purchased, the correct care routine will prolong the life of the garment so that hopefully your child will grow out of it, rather than it wearing out in a short time! Some key things to remember-
  1. The ideal is to rinse swimwear in cold, clear water immediately after every use, to remove any chemicals, chlorine, salt, etc.! Of course this is not always possible or realistic on every occasion, particularly when young children are involved, but if you can do this it will have a big impact on swimwear longevity.
  2. Try not to roll up wet, discarded swimwear in towels, plastic or bags for any length of time. This is a sure way to damage the fabric and ultimately cause it to perish.
  3. If washing is required, and let’s face it, if children are involved, it’s bound to be, then use cool water and mild soap(such as liquid hand soap) and wash by hand or on gentle cycle in machine. Avoid the dryer, iron and bleaches at all costs.

We hope these handy hints will help with your next swimwear purchase and don’t forget, you can always contact us via email or phone for more, we’d love to hear from you!

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